When I think of my body

When I think of this body I think of respect
I respect being perfectly imperfect
When i think of this body I think of the lies
Those hidden truths that don’t want to hide
When I think of this body I think that it knows
Much better than me and more honest than most
When i think of this body who has known all along
The best ever notes to help sing me MY song
When I think of this body I want it to know
I wish i had listened years ago
When i think of this body I think it is Queen
My ruler my guide…my everything

Ria x x

P.S, I love you…you gangly husk

For the love of gig!

First up, I’d love to hear from other musicians on here. What has been the best and the worst gig you’ve ever done and why?

I’ve just got home from a gig with my band Artstar. I had no idea what we were going to today. I feel like we’ve just stepped out of the ‘Family Fun Day’ episode of Phoenix Nights. The only thing missing was Sammy The Snake and for one of our Mates to get their face painted with permanent paint. If the DJ had been called ‘Rave On’, I wouldn’t have been shocked. It’s the type of event Nigel Tufnel would have been disgusted with.

We were also told that a PA would be provided as there was a number of bands playing that day. So when the band who were on before us started taking the PA down and loaded it into their car, we were a bit confused. Apparently they were told to bring their own PA. We however, we were told we didn’t need a PA. So, me and Sime (lead guitar) leg it over to my place and pack up the PA which belongs to my covers band. When we get back to the event, we rush to get set up (on a lorry) and ready to rock. 5 mins before we’re ready to kick off, the DJ decides to introduce a Steps Tribute Act. The three members magically appeared from a badly erected tent and proceed with their mime & dance act. They had Britney mics, but weren’t actually singing! Artstar are a band that writes original alternative rock music. This was just a weird event for us to play.
We’ve had some eclectic gigs. We’ve played in a few barns which was country cool. I enjoyed playing to a naughty penned up sheep and a backdrop of cows. The cows turned out to be very good backing singers. Big gloopy sounding “moos” kept popping in and out of the music! At last years Worcester Music Festival (a fantastic festival by the way), our venue had sick coated flooring. The performance area was right by the only toilets which meant Sime had to allow people to get to the loos by using his guitar as some kind of ‘loo barrier’. As Sime would say “it’s only rock and roll”, haha. That was a great gig though :)
Today might well have been one of the worst gigs to play, but it had some good points. Apparently we sounded great out front and a bunch of people turned up to see us play.

Other memorable moments: playing solo at Worcester Music Festival. I was heckled by a group of drunk old ladies. At one point one of the ladies said.
“play something happy”
I looked down at my set list. The next song i was going to play was called ‘Misery’, haha! I decided to scrap that. I played a cover of Petula Clark’s ‘Downtown’ instead. They liked that. Becky Hill (who you might remember from the show tv’The Voice’) was playing after me and she put in a fine performance but she did also have a few problems with the ladies too though 2:40 mins in

One of my favourite gigs with Artstar has to be last years Nozstock Festival. A great little festival near Bromyard. Great sound, great stage, great people. Loved it!!

Artstar have a bunch of demos, all of which are free to download here -> http://www.reverbnation.com/artstar

Rock On! x x

A Boy Called Ruth

Once upon a time
in a land not far away
Grew a little boy
who thought he might be gay
He knew it was a problem
living with his folks
He always felt the freako
And the butt of all the jokes
He sat alone at weekends
To paint his pretty face
His father shook his sorry head
At such a big disgrace
Boy felt odd inside him
And wondered about the truth
He realized he was a girl
And changed his name to Ruth
Now Ruth felt hurt and lonely
He wondered where to go
He thought about the circus
Or the traveling freaky show
So Ruth put on his best dress
And combed his curly hair
He hit the road with a mixture
Of joy, hope and despair
His father saw him leaving
Just before he hit the sack
His parting words to his son were
“And don’t you dare come back”
In one hand he held his suitcase
In the other a swirly lolly
In his pinny tucked up safe
Was his favourite dolly
He met some scary people
Who looked him up and down
They said
“We don’t like circuses in this one horse town”
So Ruth Went over yonder
And headed towards the lights
He had big blisters on his feet
And ladders in his tights
When he reached the city
He didn’t feel alone
He met some people just like him
Who made him feel at home
He met a girl called Benny
Who grew quite fond of Ruth
She taught him how to do his hair
And told him about the truth
So Ruth became a showgirl
And danced with purple feathers
He got a job as a receptionist
When things reached desperate measures
He always paid his rent on time
And had a load of fun
He went to Benny’s party once
As a pregnant Catholic nun
He liked to watch the people
He’d look them in the eyes
He wondered if they saw the truth
Or believed a stack of lies
He thought about his journey
That brought him to his truth
So happy just to sit and be
A simple boy called Ruth.

By Ria.